Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort

Swimming pools at Bato Springs Resort

Location: San Pablo, Laguna
Water Type: Swimming pool, stream
Water Temp: Very cold
Access: Public

Swimming pool(s):

Swimming pools: Two (2) natural pools, one (1) swimming pool, one (1) kiddie pool
Swimming pool shape: Irregular
Swimming pool location: Outdoor
Swimming pool temperature: Very cold
Deepest pool depth: 5 ft.
Kid friendly swimming pool: Yes
Swimwear: Any comfortable swimming attire

Natural Swimming Pools

• Native huts and air-conditioned accommodations
• Artificial waterfalls
• Spacious hall

Location Map:

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Review Roundup:
The Good

“The whole place is essentially surrounded by a lot of trees. You can hear the constant rustling of the leaves, and singing of the birds. I’m not kidding, you guys. I never thought there could be such a relaxing and peaceful place just 2 hours away from busy Manila. It was perfect.” – Rachel
“I should say the place is really a jewel as it is still untouched by modernization. The nature remains virgin in this place. The water is very fresh and natural and no chlorine” – Ladyli
I really enjoyed my experience at Bato Springs. It’s definitely worth the travel time and money. – Leiyah

Needs improvement

“I suggest you go there during ordinary day in order to get the chance to meditate and fully appreciate the beauty of the nature. We went there during peak season so that despite the beauty of the place I failed to fully enjoy and appreciate. The place was full packed that we almost backed out.” – Ladyli
They should have at least two people who receives the entrance fee payment and he should stay in one place and do not roam around. Getting inside Bato Springs is so confusing! There are only 2 designated shower areas for everyone in place. Bato Springs has the capacity to accommodate almost a thousand people but they only have 20 shower stalls. – Amphitrite30
Natural Swimming Pools

Editor Notes:

The Good: Affordable, natural and clean cold flowing water,  natural shades, manageable depth especially for non-swimmers
Needs Improvement: Public shower/comfort rooms need improvement, resort can get too crowded during peak season,  items from its in-resort store are expensive

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